Saturday, 23 October 2010

Exhibition time!!

Yipee!! My Exhibition is on now!!!!!! Come and see me and fellow illustrator Cee Biscoe at Gallery 47 in Sudbury - we'll be there all week 10am-4pm until next Tuesday. The first two days have gone swimmingly with lots of browsers, lots of purchases and lots of delightful younglings drawing pictures of their own, and being read to by our good selves so come and join the party.

All of the following ORIGINAL book illustrations are on sale:



  1. We were recently lucky enough to receive copies of Zoo Girl and Just Because for review. I sat down with my daughter one rainy friday morning just before the school / work run and we read them both. I nearly burst into tears and my daughter wanted both read again as soon as the last pages were turned. They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much Rebecca.

  2. I love the fox piece, but I live in Massachusetts, USA. Is there a way I could get a print?