Friday, 8 October 2010

Tree dwelling, pre-exhibition anxiety and the Schofield saga.

I've visited 2 schools and 1 nursery this week reading my books, showing some paintings and doing some drawings for some younglings and it's all been rather fabulous and has left me with a smug warm glow. Highlights include a 5 year old boy's answer to the question 'does anyone know what an Author is?' 'Is it someone who lives in a tree?' and when asking the kids for their favourite animals for me to draw being met with the rather bewildering suggestions of 'Oryx', 'Mammoth' and 'Sonic'.

Otherwise I've been all about my upcoming exhibition and good crikey it's a lot of work - I still need to frame 26 paintings, sort out and mount some prints, arrange painting insurance, price everything up, send out invites and psych myself up for the possibility that noone will actually attend. And ...aghhhh it's in less than 2 weeks!
A-hem, should be fun though so PLEASE come along!
And then there's the new book I've been writing called 'Jungle Mumble' - check out the cover here:

And all the while I should be working on Zoo Girl, a sleeping beauty book, plus a set of monkey books... problem is how to prioritise when everything's a priority? My natural inclination is to crawl into a bloggy hole and do nothing except panic a little bit but I fear that may not help.

Oh and my book Just Because is up for the People's Book Prize so please, pretty please, with bells and knobs on, go and vote for the little fella here.

Still no news on the whole Philip Schofield This Morning thang by the way - I think he's snubbing me. Come on Phil, sort it out, what's past is past, lets all move on.

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