Thursday, 9 September 2010

Foxes, child-geniuses and tough words.

Ok so I've had an article printed in The Independent this week and I might be going on This Morning soon because of it (much to the jealousy of many of my peers who have all made it obscenely apparent that they fancy the 'silver fox' that is Philip Schofield), and my books have had various lovely reviews here, here and here;

but you know what? The most exciting response to my book has been the following review which was sent to me from an 11 year old girl called Megan who has a disabled brother, and quite frankly, it's excellent;

‘Just Because’
A Short Review by Megan

Hi, my name is Megan. I have a brother called Joe who is a bit like Clemmie, the little girl in the book, as he can’t speak and can’t walk very much. I love the part that says some sisters can be mean. They scream and shout pull your hair because that’s what my brother does to me. Sometimes he bites me because he can’t talk and he gets frustrated. Like Clemmie, my brother has been to the moon is a space ship made out of an old cardboard box. I especially liked the part about Simon the pet bug because my brother likes looking at bugs and touching them, err! My favourite parts of the book are the beautiful illustrations of Clemmie and her brother, and the adventures they go on.

I think the book is really magical and is essential for any big sisters with a brother like mine or a sister like Clemmie. This book will definitely be added to the collection of books I read to my brother before he goes to sleep at night.

I think the book is brilliant ‘just because…’.

See, I told you.

Oh and in worky news I've been working on Zoo Girl which is about a girl who gets abandoned in a zoo and then adopted - and although the book is only 14 words long it's the hardest text I've ever worked on, dang it.

That's it for now. See you soon. Take care now.


  1. Congratulations on the article Bec, and also on the great reviews you're getting. And Zoo Girl looks fantastic!

  2. Congratulations sweetie :) the book is so going to be a bestseller :) as I was doing a shift at the hospital (sighs ) :( I managed to tell my brother and mum to go down to the launch at Waterstones they loved it !! and they managed to get me the book to have a read of.. its amazing as I used to volunteer at hillside it really touched me and it made me think of all the kids there :):) you will go so far congrats xxxx

  3. Wow - I really don't check my bloggy comments often enough. Sorry for the late response but thanks guys! (And Gareth - loving your Twitter trenders postcards such a great idea.)
    And Tasha - so pleased your Mum and brother enjoyed the launch - thanks for posting them my way! And glad JB brought back fond memories of Hillside - it's such an amazing place.
    Anyhoo, hope you can both come to my exhibition in 2 weeks (oh crap) time!!? xx