Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Angry Sprouts

Yowser, it's been hot of late and as a result little Toby's moods are a-swinging more than ever with a bewildering array of passionately excited yelps, concerned 'o-oh's, distraught cries, adamant 'no! s', hysterical giggles and frantic 'Mummy, mummy, mummy...'s all occurring each and every minute. It's exhausting.
Clemsie on the other hand is as chilled and serene as ever, although you have to feel for her little chubby legs in those plaster casts - the little hero. I have at least adorned them with flowers so they don't look quite so depressing any more.

And speaking of things not seeming quite so depressing any more - I always had our road down as a rather sad and lifeless little place full of drab people with sensible jobs or at least sensibly filling out their benefit forms but no! I was fabulously excited to see a 'Suffolk Open Studios' sign proudly placed in a neighbours window, decided to visit and it turns out that astounding artist Mike Wiggins lives just a couple of doors down with his arty wife. Check him out here.

And in other news, if I may pull down the old hunting horn and blow my own trumpet for a mo, it would seem that the launch of Just Because next month (helped by my lovely PR lady at Lion) has already generated a little press interest. Ok, so it's hardly the cover of Vogue or Time Magazine but hey. Have a look here.

And me and Cee continue to plan our exhibition in October - if you know any super-duper cheap framers please let us know.

And finally I was lucky enough to be invited to a local primary school to help them design a program cover for their East Feast and was, as always, blown away by the natural unhindered creativity of younglings. And I think the cover is a thing of beauty (I can't remember which kid decided to write 'angry sprouts' on their artwork but they are clearly a genius in the making).

So that's it, bye for now (which reminds me that we're very proud this week that Toby, a bloke of few words, has finally started saying 'bye' which is great except for the fact that his 'b's come out as 'd's making it more of a sinister parting threat than a cheery farewell.)

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