Thursday, 22 July 2010

Fat thumbs and plums

Crikey O'Reilly - Just Because is only having a ruddy book launch - yay!

So if you find yourself in the lovely Bury St Edmunds area on Thursday 19th August twiddling your bored fat thumbs and staring into space - come and join the party!

11am at Waterstones in the Arc shopping centre where it'll be child-centric with a book reading, showing off some of the original artwork and hopefully some live illustrations of the Clemmie and Toby characters, followed by a drinks reception at Benson Blakes Bar (kids more than welcome here too!) from 12.

Free drinks, live illustration, a personal appearance from Clemmie and Toby, me making a plum of myself in public, what's not to like?

See you there then.

Ok, bye bye now.


1 comment:

  1. I will most certainly come :) your drawings are amazing . so cute :) , the book will be a massive hit :) xxx