Friday, 19 March 2010

It's all kicking off.

News Flash! Two more books of mine have just been accepted for publication by the lovely Lion Hudson (who are already publishing 'Just Because') - 'Zoo Girl' and a sequel to Just Because 'Sometimes'. So exciting!

'Sometimes' is just a script so far and, as with Just Because, concentrates on my very own younglings Clementine and Toby but this time the pair are having fun in hospital during one of Clemmie's stays.

'Zoo Girl' is a one-word-per-page book about a lonely little girl who gets left behind in a zoo and befriends the other inhabitants there. It's in a whole new artistic style for me, using pen and ink drawings combined with photoshop trickery.

I've used a similar style in 'The Tale of Fragoline' which was written by a friend of mine and has also just been accepted by the publisher Chicken House.

Yip-skip-er-roony! The waiting is over - it's all go go go....


  1. Congratulations, this is so good to hear when so few new books are being commissioned.

  2. Thank you June! You've always been so wonderfully encouraging throughout my career! xx